An odor removal product you can actually feel working

 BreezeBronze®, the odor-removing textile product, was created to help caregivers and their charges deal with the stress that is caused by invisible odors.
Sprays and aromatics only work as a temporary solution, and can never completely remove the odors. That’s why we started on a quest to create a reusable odor-removing product that you can actually feel working. 
 We searched out safe and reliable materials, striving to find that balance between cost and performance that large companies couldn’t.

 Eventually BreezeBronze® was created domestically in Japan, where the skills and passions of craftsmen are of the highest level.

The factory and the people are everything to BreezeBronze®

 Before we look at specific products, there is something important to know about BreezeBronze®.
 That is the fact that BreezeBronze® is an excellent product that fully utilizes its odor removal strength.
 In order to accomplish this,   BreezeBronze® is created in factories located in Japan equipped with high technology machines that allow workers to carefully go through each and every process, such as dyeing and knitting, which has a large impact on the final product.

 For example, the Imabari Towel, created in Imabari City in Ehime Prefecture, is a traditional product with a production method that has been passed down through generations of local craftsmen.
 BreezeBronze® is manufactured by these very same craftsmen, whose skills are unmatched, using the factories
they have inherited and continue operating.