BreezeBronze - Original

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Since going on sale in 2004, BreezeBronze has reached top brand status thanks in large part to the supports received from customers. The BreezeBronze towel is played a big role in that. The authentic original, it has become a colorful and useful towel that anyone can actually feel breaking down and eliminating odors.

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People in Japan often remove their shoes even outside of their home. As such men and women, regardless of age, have some concern about their foot odor. BreezeBronze Original socks offers a wide lineup in various colors to help solve your foot odor concerns.

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  Insoles that quickly break down odor while providing comfort for the bottom of your feet. Water absorbent cotton underwear that breaks down and eliminates odor just by wearing them. An incredibly convenient laundry bag that breaks down and eliminates the odor caused by sweat stuck to your clothes. BreezeBronze Original is developing items made for and at the request of customers.

BreezeBronze - Toughness

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  The sweat that drips off your body as well as body odor wafts through the air causing your surroundings to smell. For those used to it there is no problem; however those not so familiar with the situation may feel uncomfortable. It would be nice if your work place didn’t smell like the gym at your university at the end of the hot summer day. B.B Toughness accepts that challenge, creating a comfortable atmosphere even after a hard day’s work.



 Working in harsh conditions produces an incredible amount of sweat under your feet that those working in an office can only imagine. B.B. Toughness socks were made to support hard workers. Capable of excellent absorption and drying quickly, they feel great on your feet while remaining moisture free. They maintain their fast-acting odor break down and elimination capabilities semi-permanently, so you feel clean anytime you wear them. Fishermen, as well as members of the Maritime Self Defense Forces who are given long-term assignments aboard submarines, agree, saying they can’t imagine wearing anything other than B.B. Toughness after trying them just once.



BreezeBronze products have received high praise from the Maritime Self Defense Forces, and are used aboard their state-of-the-art submarines, escort vessels, Antarctic exploration ships, and in other harsh and high level locations.

(Photo courtesy of the Maritime Self Defense Forces Public Relations Department)


BreezeBronze - Whiteclover

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  BreezeBronze WhiteClover towels are the most prominent and characteristic amongst all BreezeBronze towels. The blue color is proof of its bacteriostatic manufacturing. While of course infused with our odor removal technology, we’ve maximized the level of antibacterial power. Designed using the concept of ‘conditioning’, BreezeBronze WhiteClover is a more advanced, specialized product.


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  All of BreezeBronze WhiteClover’s items were designed as a more specialized product with the purpose of helping people live healthier, happier and more comfortable lives. This is made possible because how you can actually feel the odor removal power of BreezeBronze working. Free yourself from the odors that affect your everyday life and smile once again.